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There is a huge difference between psychic practice and mediumship. A psychic obtains their information from the energy of the person they are reading for; a medium links directly to the spirit. It can be a rewarding, informative and emotional process, and one that helps to heal, guide, and offer food for thought. Isabel runs workshops teaching students how to tune into their own higher self and how to become connected with their spirit guides and guardian angels.

You will eventually see how everything fits into a certain order. Right now, just process and observe. Taurus, you don't have to know all of the answers. There are times when you have to take a blind risk and trust your choice is right, even if you make a snap judgment for the sake of moving forward. Gemini, you learn by doing.

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You might not have experience but what you do have is motivation, drive, and determination. It's your ability to stick to a project and see it to completion that helps you gain that edge you need with work. Cancer, one change leads to another. Nothing ever happens in a vacuum.

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Every decision you make starts the law of cause and effect. What you do should speak honestly about what you hope will happen and what you want to see come true. Leo, it takes a lot of gathering of information, asking questions, and seeking out all the answers before you can call yourself an expert in your field. Keep reading, learning, and growing. As you strive for excellence, you'll find it helpful to study all that you can.

Virgo, you can be a catalyst for change. Your caretaking instincts can help you to perceive the needs of others and want to help. You could play the role of mentor to a friend and inspire that person to try something new that they feared before. Libra, people trust your judgment. You have earned yourself a good reputation so when you find yourself playing the role of advisor, don't be afraid to speak your truth with love. Scorpio, good news always comes when you least expect it. You might fear the worst when it seems like you do a lot of work but get nowhere.

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There can be a turn in the road up ahead. Pisces are known for their love of partying, and this eclipse could find you attending a very important celebration. Be smart about who you spend time with—control issues pop up during eclipses, and celebrations can turn sour very quickly if people are not responsible.

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Luckily, Venus enters Cancer on July 3, bringing blessings to your love life and allowing creative inspiration to flow. Love, beauty, and money planet Venus in Cancer finds you feeling especially flirtatious, and being around people who can make you laugh is your number one priority.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Just watch out for scheduling snafus when Mercury begins its retrograde in Leo on July 7—your schedule will get all mixed up! Now isn't a good time to plan important trips, make big purchases, settle into commitments, or sign contracts. Mercury rules communication and commerce, and while it's retrograde, it's best to avoid doing new things and focus on issues we've had to put on the back burner. Delays and miscommunications abound, so slow down, relax, and keep your calendar flexible. Venus connects with Uranus in Taurus and Mercury retrograde meets Mars in Leo on July 8, creating a dynamic energy—just watch out for tempers!

Sweet Venus's connection with rebellious Uranus brings exciting conversations your way and finds you experimenting with things that are unexpectedly delightful! But you're also craving your space—being crowded is a turn off, and as Mercury meets Mars, you're attempting to power through tasks, which isn't easy during Mercury retrograde!

You're feeling the weight of your responsibilities as the sun opposes Saturn on July 9—a grumpy energy is in the air.

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Connecting with your friends may be more difficult than usual, and a blow to your ego may also arrive. The energy is hard and heavy, but things ease up as the sun connects with your ruling planet Neptune, which is currently in your sign, bringing you a boost in creativity and flexibility.

The obstacles struck by the sun and Saturn's opposition won't seem so insurmountable by this time—just watch out for unexpected tempers as Mars squares off with Uranus on July An unexpected piece of news also arrives. Things get intense once more as the sun opposes Pluto on July 14, stirring up big egos and control issues, so watch out for shady or manipulative behavior. People are showing you who they really are—believe them.