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The Sun represents our will, our core expression, our hero's journey. The core theme of Sun and Chiron aspects within the synastry chart is wounding and healing around one's central ambition and life's work. This is a relationship that is likely to touch one deeply. Suddenly you get inspiration around what you are 'supposed' to be doing with your life.

Together you both feel a resounding sense of purpose, in a warm, mutual way.

You fuel each other's fire. Suddenly parts of you that have felt wounded for a while are impossible to ignore. You inspire each other to find healing and be shameless about it. In particular, this relationship shines a light on areas of your life where you were hiding, as if nursing a wound.

It may feel painful at times to feel the spotlight on your wounds. And yet, this relationship inspires you to start walking down your unique path toward self-healing, embracing your own methods, however unconventional they are to others. You have a unique opportunity to share your own methods of healing with one another, and this is something you may find yourself connecting around often.

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At the same time, there can be a danger of trying to over-analyze each others problems - getting excessively absorbed in the idea that you need to solve each other's issues. When the Sun and Chiron touch in synastry, it is as if the a roaring fire gets nestled by a drizzly, yet protective, fog. It is soothing and the elements balance well. However, there is always a chance that the wet element become over powering or, more directly, engage in over analyzing. She had fallen into a harsh depression after not being able to write her final thesis at university. It was an unsolvable blockage.

Even therapy couldn't help her. I felt a strange urge to find out what the problem was and to solve it - it took me more than a year of talking, nurturing and analyzing the story of her self, the many wounds, the reasons for her fear. That's why we got incredibly close. Interestingly it had a similar effect on me as well: Thinking about her wounds made my own suddenly very clear to me and I returned into therapy where I found out what the deepest wounds of all was, which I could figure out now.

I helped her finishing her BA and together we got crazy insights into spiritual processes that really changed a lot. But unfortunately her problems were not erased. After three years I could not stand it any longer. The constant complainig, the self-pitty, the unwillingness to change.

She started to "rain on my parade" more and more, because she saw me carrying on with my life and setting new goals. Then I couldn't bear her restrictions any more and we just stopped talking one day. But it will definetly get to the most sensitive points of you both, so be prepared to get confronted with them. If you don't switch into projections and embrace what is yours the reward will be unmeasureable!

For me, it was the MOON. And she did. And yes, after months of work, it did sort them out -- to where, rather than end the relationship, I encouraged her to stick it out, and worked with him separately on what was holding him back from proposing. But by the time he did so, it was almost as if she was so guilt-ridden over being on the brink of ending it, she couldn't even continue our friendship.

Instead, she made a lame excuse: that she 'couldn't trust someone who was going to break confidentiality'. Used those words, too, almost as if she knew it'd enrage me to the point of letting her go. And I did. Truth be told, she sent a text by mistake to my husband, who was participating in each session with me, helping to explore the balanced masculine-feminine approach that I was considering at the time as an experiment. Plus, no one was charging nor paying.

So, it was ridiculous for her to insult me, calling into question something I take VERY seriously, when she made the error, and, even still, my husband was present in every session, assisting me! It wants to belong. When Chiron ultimately discovers that the planet partner is blind to its own divinity, Chiron sets out to test that divinity, to prove it exists. Chiron relationships can get very messy at this point. At some point, the Chiron person will wake up to the fact that the planet person was not yet the person in their imaging, and may never be that person in this lifetime.

Instead of transcendence and awareness through pain, Chiron surrenders its wisdom to the wound—and the cycle will begin again. This kind of Chiron contact is also common between family members. But in a romantic relationship, this dynamic has its limits. Each can stimulate the qualities of wisdom, patience, and understanding in the other. However, at some point in a romantic scenario, the worshipper begins chafing at the bit.

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He or she has experienced the required growth and wants to break free, and it is the instinct of the teacher to cling to the student, to do anything to keep them dependent and near. Ultimately, the teacher will have to sacrifice its dominant position and let the student go. Again, there can be feelings of inadequacy in both parties, which can lead to anger.

It becomes complicated when Chiron reflects the Svengali syndrome—one person usually the planet person expresses the untapped and unrecognized talents of the other often the Chiron person ; The Chiron person has a painful need to be seen, to be recognized in this particular way.

The hunger for recognition can be palpable, yet the Chiron person must watch the other person live out what he believes is rightfully his. Think of Salieri in the play and film, Amadeus , convinced he was betrayed by a god who gave genius to an immature and ungrateful Mozart.

There is often envy of skills and abilities where Chiron is concerned. Chiron relationships are often dramatic, with great highs and lows.

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This is often because so much is at stake, and we sense it. Whether or not we later post Chiron return make a contribution to the world, whether or not we have a legacy of wisdom to leave behind us, has a great deal to do with what we gain in our daily Chiron interactions. Chiron is related to the sixth house, and the sixth house is a house of crisis.

The sixth house is a testing house, where we sort out the chaff from the grain in a very Virgo-like manner. The sixth house brings things to a head in order to heal. Any planet in it will be tested for readiness and strength. Any planet in the sixth house must be engaged in service. In the sixth house, we face our inadequacies and imbalances and pull ourselves together. Chiron in relationships focuses on this dynamic. The goal of Chiron in relationship is to help us heal. When we are whole, we can serve from a position of strength. Sometimes with Chiron there is literal illness that repeatedly affects a relationship.

If this is the case there is often a mutual need to recognize that healing comes from within an individual. Chiron contacts between charts often bring out experiences of the other-worldly kind. If we are open to these metaphysical experiences, it can be an adventure to see how far out into the realms we can go.

But with most Chiron relationships, there is a fear barrier, a reluctance to experience things not of this world. We may have past life visions, lucid dreaming, messages from beyond, out of body experiences that urge us to alter our current habits and behaviors. We may not be willing to do that. I have seen a completely unconscious Chiron wreak havoc throughout a family, and I have seen many a strong, developed Chiron turn individual confusion and loss into enlightened contribution.

Chiron is a blessing— if it is not strong in our charts we may succeed, but we may never find our real purpose. Each Chiron relationship is a little rehearsal for what is, ultimately, the relationship between our deepest inner being and the outer world. And when our inner world and our outer world are in sync, we have contentment at the very least and the possibility of joy.

We have Chiron to thank for that. I dont know what to do.. Mika, Chiron is gradually giving you the wisdom to change your choice of partners. Chiron on the Asc wants you to grow into the wise teacher; your painful Chiron experiences will be the vehicle for your greatest wisdom. Eventually, you will help others to heal.

This excerpt blew my mind.

When Chiron Touches a Planet/Asteroid in Synastry

It also helped flesh out my understanding of Chiron generally. Excellent article, Dawn! Thanks a lot! Very clear and profound as always The best mix of Virgo and Neptunian energies. Still recovering from a beautiful and brutal chiron interaction. It was years ago but it feels like yesterday. Thank you for your kind and insightful explanations. Never did I meet a person that influenced my life so deeply, that I have loved so much, and have had to walk away from so completely, but at least I can hope that I have left him the same kind of contribution.

You absolutely resurrected a very important Chirotic relationship that I had a few years ago. The breakup was so very painful, to the core really, but it did absolutely open wounds that I would gladly have lived my life trying to keep from being ripped open. Thank you, as always, for your soulful work. Great Article Dawn. It becomes a battle with a heavily sedated type of feeling. Many projections are put onto the planet person, they react esp.

Even those aware of their Chiron energies or wounds consciously put the planet person in a position of slavery. Unevolved Chiron certainly can inflict pain. Chiron can become twisted, just like anything else in the chart. Could his sensitivity to the way I go about things cause me to re-evaluate how I operate within the world? It evolves, it changes, but remains an anchor point in the psyche.

However, the usual way of things is that the Asc person grows in ways that are painful to the Chiron person; Chiron feels vulnerable at the least and ineffectual at best. It can dwindle to a point where they cannot be in a room together without feeling some kind of hurt or resentment. The Asc person may need to re-evaluate if the Chiron person is wise and observant, but mostly they are glad to get away from the constant pain of Chiron. It means that the person whom we initially believe is superior to us, turns out to be a much lesser being than we thought. Through our mistake, we discover the wisdom of our own spirituality.

I have several contacts between Chrion and my husband. We are very different but at present we have a very happy and compatible relationship — the differences compliment one another and there is no drama at all. Always enjoy reading your blog Dawn and looking forward to the ebook.

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I am facing an old relationship as well as a new one, each with composite Chiron-Moon conjunct. What would be unique about these from synastric conjunctions? If my Moon is conjunct your Chiron, you will feel Chiron whenever I express myself emotionally. Not pleasant. If your Moon is conjunct my Chiron, I will be faced with either embracing my Chirotic limitations and gifts, or running away from them, when you are emotionally open to me.

We may have a long history of this between us. It will be hard for us to connect unless both of us are committed to working through the pain. In composite, however, we may give off a healing vibe that has others coming to see us. We may be devoted to healing ourselves and others. We may turn our vulnerability into a strength.


Or, if we are not mature, it may all go belly up. Chiron is all about maturity and acceptance. If we have given up blame and insecurity, we can use his wisdom. Putting me on a pedestal is an understatement. Encouraging my divinity and potential- absolutely. Communication vanished. He disappeared.

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What hurts is that our emotionally honest and consistent communication has been one of the treasures of our dynamic. So, I see the communication Gemini pain Chiron. I thought my emotional expression would be supportive. Am I missing something in the interpretation here? The reality is very hurtful and different to what was felt. Unfortunately, whenever Chiron is evoked in a chart, we may find ourselves turning away. Particularly in synastry. If a light or strong planet of yours affects my Chiron, it may make me feel inadequate.

All of my Chiron monsters will return. This is never pleasant. My dear mum recently passed away. Her natal sun was conjunct my chiron which only I recently realised. When she died my progressed moon was conj chiron I miss her terribly.. Chiron is about teaching, protecting, healing and the Chiron person often plays that role. If the child has the Chiron, often the child is the teacher to the parent. The relationship is often very close because of this extra affinity.

I have a LOT to think about. Anybody longing for a shredded heart? My Chiron is found at thirteen degrees Aries, aspecting it most likely means also aspecting my Jupiter at nine degrees Capricorn. Indepent astrologers have already confirmed Venus trine or conjunct Chiron. My Venus is found at twenty-nine degrees Libra.

Anybody there with appropriate positions of Chiron and Venus for an experiment? Too sad that no Aquarian Venus can be appropriate, because that would easiliest be persuaded…. You are not likely to get the responses you desire. And the comments here come still after years. Would I have found a better place for trying the experiment, then I would of course have used that. Hai Dawn. This article is so true to what I am currently experiencing with someone I have known for 2 years now. We have a lot of chiron contacts. Venus quincunx chiron double whammy, my chiron trine his moon, mercury, saturn and vertex.

His chiron opposite my asc, quincunx my sun and mercury. The inadequacy, not measuring up to their expectations and the feeling deep hurt with their wants and ideal in a significant other is somehow mutual with the both of us. Fear of being hurt and rejected if we be our real selves is even more than all of it. The pain upon knowing there is potential and healing and strongly wanting to give unconditional love and acceptance, but that which is hampered or will be frowned upon due to the inadequacies is unbearable.

Did you mean to say, we have to let go the relationship? Can there be resolve in such relationships by working on the inadequacies and fear? Please answer. Thanks in advance. Sacrificing the wound means getting beyond the pain in some way. When we are wounded by relationships, we often remain in a downward spiral of emotional entrapment. We need to get out of ourselves in the lower sense and enter a higher plane, something that our suffering eventually teaches us.

We need to tap in to our own greater wisdom. Sometimes we can salvage the relationship, sometimes not. Thank you so much Dawn. I really appreciate your quick reply and for taking the time. Yes, I have hit rock bottom with all the rejection I have got in exchange for the love I gave. But I know where he is coming from and also, realise where I stand in this whole interaction. Then maybe salvaging can happen, else I have to learn to let go the need to nurture another hurt human being and turn it towards self.

Easier said than done. Thanks so much for the explanation.